CPC (Counter Pressure Casting) Machine

CPC line of machines have been developed for precise control all parameters of Counter Pressure Casting process and to meet casting manufacturer’s requirements for efficient production of aluminum castings in permanent, sand or combined molds. They meet the highest requirements with respect to mechanical properties, structural strength density, surface smoothness and dimensional accuracy.

Counter-Pressure Casting Machine - Basic Layout
Front View Description Operator's View
CPC Machine - Photo CPC Machine - Description CPC Machine - Drawing

The design of machines is the simple and reliable concept: rugged vertical main frame, the top and bottom plates are tied together with four alloy steel hard chrome plated tie bars. Between those two plates there are two movable plates, guided on the vertical tie bars.

  • Top Plate: The top plate carries the main hydraulic cylinder along with the hydraulic directional valves and safety locking system.

  • Movable Plate: The movable plate carries the upper mold and the hydraulic mold ejection system.

  • Intermediate Plate: The intermediate plate holds the bottom mold, as well as, hydraulic lock. It can also lift the furnace lid when needed.

  • Furnace: The machine furnace contains a ceramic crucible, furnace lid with riser tube, resistive heating element, two thermocouples, and male power plug (when the machine is used in conjunction with a furnace shuttle system).

  • Cooling System: Cooling system consist two parts cooling of machine and cooling of die.
      Cooling of machine provide cooling of seals areas of furnace lid and intermediate plate and Hydraulic Power unit.
      Cooling of the die is capable to cool the die with air or water. Change of the kind of cooling is done from the control panel and control is by time, by temperature or by both.
      All cooling circuits have individual visual flow indicator , valve for control of flow and optionally the flow indicator can have an output signal that is shown to the operator monitor.

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